Thrilling Places to Discover In India with Your Girl-Friends!


We promise that these places will make you pack your bags and shout out loud for your all girl-friends. If you are not of this opinion that “why should boys have all the fun?”  , then these destinations will definitely tempt you to explore them as soon as possible.
Indulge yourself in Beauty of India and do the things that make you happiest, with you good old friends. Below is the list of places that are must for you to explore.

Ladakh: The ultimate destination that you and your all friends should not miss out! Crazy bike rides along with activities like cycling, skiing, camel safari; yak safari will escalate your adventure level.

Kashmir: Heaven on earth
A visit to the glory of India can change the aspects of your travel experience all at once! Adventures like road trips, snow skiing, hang gliding, hot air ballooning and paragliding will make you ‘get-up-and-go’ right away!

Shimla: Take a break from your daily routine and relax with your bestiee amidst the serenity of beautiful mountains in Shimla. With ice skating, trekking, cycling and many other adventure places, beautiful scenic atmosphere will rejuvenate you and the natural wonders of the place will help you kick all the stress.

Rishikesh: If you and your girl friends are adventure lover, Rishikesh is the next best place you could be in. Adventures like after rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, river rafting will surely promise to make the trip one of the best for you.

Manali: It is famous for adventure activities like rafting, rappelling, skiing, ice skating, paragliding, climbing, enough to cue your girl friends with thrilling experience.

Following are the safety measures while you are travelling with your girl friends:

  • Keep your phone with you always
  • Do not eat or drink in unknown places or with unknown people
  • Stay as a group
  • Have helpline number
  • Have your parents or husband number on emergency dial
  • Keep an eye on your luggage
  • Do not drain your phone’s battery

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