Things About Flying That Annoy The Most

In a recent survey conducted by Tour Planners, people answered questions about what they disliked most about the travel.

Hidden Fees:


70% of travelers complained about hidden fees such as luggage fees, meals during the flight, your carry-on, credit card fees, printing out your boarding pass. SAS most recently announced that if you don’t bring any luggage, you can get a cheaper ticket. It means you are paying more if you have luggage.

Flight Delay:


60% of the travelers complained that flight delays are always annoying, especially, if you have a connecting flight to catch.

Uncomfortable Seats:


80% of travelers complained about uncomfortable seats. The important factor for flight ticket booking is still the price. We are likely to buy cheaper flights tickets and just suffer through the trip than to pay more for space.

Crying Kids:


40% of travelers complained about crying kids on flights, you are about to sleep when the kid behind you starts crying. On the other hand, 20% said they pay more to sit in a kid-free section.

Ticket Prices:


60% of travelers complained about high ticket prices although flight prices are expected to drop with competition. Finding the lowest price on flight through Saxsons Travel is amazing and recommended.

Please tell us what do you find most annoying about flying by commenting on this blog.


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